What do you want to link today?

Address of the picture you want to share.
(e.g. http://gallery.photo.net/photo/6687694-lg.jpg)

For pictures on flickr use the address of the picture's webpage.
(e.g. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ccgd/107274692/)

Enter the address of the video to share.
Videos from the following webpages are supported:

  • Vimeo
    e.g. http://vimeo.com/12849638
  • Youtube
    e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKtdTJP_GUI
  • Capped.TV
    e.g. http://capped.tv/asd-lifeforce
  • Demoscene TV
    e.g. http://www.demoscene.tv/page.php?id_prod=13513

Videos from other sites have to be linked as a webpage

Address of the picture that will be used as thumbnail for the link.
(e.g. http://gallery.photo.net/photo/6687694-lg.jpg)

Address of the webpage you want to share.

You may want to Enhance & Frame your picture before uploading.

If you wan't your picture to link somewhere on the web, specify the web-address above.