Please remember that is still in beta


What is

A platform to share visual things (pictures, videos and web-pages) with others, from around the web, by showing pictures instead of dull text. All fitted neatly onto your screen without multiple pages of scrolling-madness and no waste of your precious time.

Why register an account?

  • To have 40 links at your disposal and don't have to share that limit with everyone else submitting anonymously.
  • As a registered user you are allowed to delete your own links.
  • You can also link to<username> for others to see your links.
  • Further other users can track your links and you can access your links via the API.
Of course you may still opt to submit a link anonymously even while registered and logged-in.
And after all, it's free and you may delete your account at any time.
If you have JavaScript enabled you may click on a link's thumbnail while pressing the Alt-key (Option-key on the Mac) to re-link.
Please note that some browser-extensions intercept that combination. FlashGot for Firefox is one example. It hooks into Alt+Click but allows you to use Alt+Shift+Click for a normal Alt+Click.

For those of you without JavaScript simply submit the address of the thumbnail as picture.

How long will links and uploaded pictures be stored?

Only the newest 40 links per user are stored.
Anonymous is just another user, so the limit of 40 links applies too.

What file formats are supported?

The usual suspects like JPEG, PNG and GIF.

Is there a size limit on uploads?

There is no limit on the file size itself, but a timeout at around 90 seconds. So the maximum file size depends on your Internet connection and the connection to the server.
After all, the gnomes inside the server, shovelling all those pixels, need something to do. They are not paid to sit around and twiddle their thumbs while waiting for new files.

Any maximum dimensions for uploaded pictures?

Uploaded pictures are resized to fit neatly into 900x600 pixels automatically. If you upload anything bigger than that, it's ok, but it only takes longer to upload and you may hit the 90 seconds timeout as described in the question above.

I've still got questions!

That's not a question!
But feel free to ask away: