Please remember that is still in beta


What data is stored?

  • User-accounts
    1. Numeric user-identifier
    2. Username in plain-text
    3. Salted hash of the E-mail address
    4. Salted hash of the password
    5. Date & time of registration
    6. Theme
    7. Time-zone (optional)
    8. Locale (optional)
  • Submitted Links/Pictures
    1. Alpha-numeric identifier
    2. Hash identifying the picture
    3. Numeric user-identifier
    4. Username in plain-text
    5. Optional link in plain-text
    6. Optional message in plain-text
    7. Date & time of submission
    8. Type of submission (picture, video, upload, ...)
  • Thumbnails & uploaded pictures
  • No IP-addresses are stored

And for how long?

User-accounts are only stored, until they are deleted.

Submitted links, pictures and their thumbnails are deleted completely as soon as they become older than the latest 40 links of the user.

Nota bene: Privacy is a personal concern of mine. Hence in a perfect world I would only keep the minimum required data for the shortest possible amount of time.
Looking at the list above I think I achieved that.
I'm realistic enough, however, to realise that fighting spam, system abuse or any other unlawful behaviour may require more data to be stored. So the list of stored data may change in the future.

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account here:

If I delete my account, is it really deleted?

Yes, your user-data is completely removed from the database. Depending on the decision you make when deleting your account, either all your submitted links are removed immediately or they are marked as anonymous and are kept in the system until they expire as any other anonymous link.