Firefox Extension

The extension allows you to submit pictures, pages and videos, conveniently through Firefox's context menu.


How it works

By right-clicking on an image you can select whether you want to submit the picture only, or link the generated thumbnail to the page containing the picture.
In the case of pictures from flickr you can click anywhere on the picture's page.

On pages of supported video services you can submit the video by right-clicking anywhere on the page.

Version History

0.6 Allow submits from https-sources. Supporting Firefox up to version 19.
0.5 Fixed a bug where pictures and pages could not be submitted in Firefox 4 Beta
0.4 Supporting Firefox up to version 4.0 Beta 5
0.3 Added support for new 'image-free' version of
0.2 Added support for and
0.1 First release


The code is released into the public domain.